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Big News!

Our beloved furry friends🐾 benefit most from lifestyles in which they are able to have greater chance in preventing disease. In facing diseases, clearly directed and complete analyses are crucial for lasting results. This conference is unique in its format to completely quench the thirst for meaningful answers to critical questions relating to pet care. The two day seminar is tailored specifically for veterinary professionals, surgeons, students and all conscious pet health practitioners. Participants will be up to speed with the best longevity practices and provided with a clear framework to interpret how feeding choices contribute to the health and happiness of our beloved friends and family members, cats and dogs. Keynotes from the most prominent global leaders will be followed by in depth panel discussions. Raw Pet Medics will go live in Istanbul. It is the first time globally an animal hospital is opening up and adopting feeding strategies to be used medically.

March 23-24, 2024
Istanbul, Turkey

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