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Freeze-Dried Lamb Trachea serves to nutritionally support joint strength and dental hygiene for all dogs in all life stages. The trachea is composed of tough cartilage, muscle and connective tissue that offers a natural chew which contain glucosamine and chondroitin. Fresh lamb trachea are cleaned and cut one by one for the ideal size and texture and only freeze-dried which guarantee proper digestion for all dogs with sensitivites. Ideal for joint-specific usage as well as dental cleaning aid through chewing for dogs upto 15 KG of weight. The best thing about cleaning teeth with trachea is that you don’t have to limit consumption or feed after thawing, or add some sort of prebiotic for easy digestion as we generally do with bones. These attributes make the Freeze-Dried Trachea the most effective, single-protein dental chews in the world! Free from synthetic supplements, additives or preservatives.




Kcal 4097 Moisture %6,67 Fat %11,57 Protein %77,46 Cellulose %0,80 Ash %6,49

Freeze-Dried Lamb Trachea

SKU: 860009588691
  • The recommended daily serving is 2 pieces approximately for 5 KGs of bodyweight. Please observe your furry friend's weight and adjust the serving accordingly. Increase or decrease the amount as needed. Serve straight from the package, in dry form, or rehydrate with drinking water to serve as wet food. This will help dogs with dental problems. After your buddy finishes their food make sure to clean their bowl with warm water and soap. Keep the package sealed and away from direct exposure to heat and moisture. 


    Package size is 40 grams. Shelf life is for 1 year. Once opened feed within 3 months or keep the food in air-tight container. 

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